At EOS Spain we are immersed in a cultural change and digital transformation.

We are looking for an AI Software Developer to ljoin the Data & Valuations team. Your mission will be to lead, design and implement AI systems solutions in EOS Spain, with the aim of generating efficiencies, reducing time and optimizing operational processes.

What will be your functions as AI Software Developer? 

  • Design and develop algorithms and models for machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, decision making and robotics, providing solutions to natural language problems.
  • Collect, process and analyse large amounts of data to train and improve AI models. 
  • Implement and maintain AI systems in production environments. 
  • Optimise the performance of AI systems to maximise efficiency and accuracy. 
  • Collaborate with other teams, such as data scientists or software engineers to create complete AI solutions. 
  • Ethical development: consider important aspects when developing AI products, such as privacy, algorithmic bias, or transparency to ensure that this technology is used in a fair, responsible and beneficial way. 
  • Develop AI-based products and services that provide intelligent solutions. 
  • Designing models and developing MachineLearning projects by diagnosing possible errors. 
  • Building algorithms that mimic human skills.
What are the job requirements?

  • Degree in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or similar. 
  • Intermediate level of English. 
  • Minimum 3 years' experience in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence systems.
  • Knowledge of the leading platforms and tools in the AI market. 
  • Leadership, management and communication skills. 
  • Back-end development: Python, R, Java, C++ and SQL. 
  • RESTful API and microservices communication interfaces. 
  • Docker virtualisation practice 
  • Git/Gitlab version control 
  • Experience in CI/CD continuous integration and distribution 
  • Knowledge of deploying on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud architectures 
  • Previous experience in developing AI models (speach analytics...) in the Contact Center and Financial Sector is an asset.
What awaits you at EOS?

  • Career plan and professional development plan.
  • International and innovative work environment.
  • Collaborative teamwork.
  • Continuous training.
  • Flexibility.
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